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6 ways to build your best body in 2020

6 of our most effective tips for not only building your best body in 2020, but also avoiding burnout and sticking to that new year resolution long term.

  1. Follow a well-structured weight training plan – Following a specific training program will not only help you build strength, burn body fat and boost your metabolism, but it will also give you more direction, keep you disciplined and help you stay on track with your goals.
  2. Stop restricting foods and add more whole foods to your diet – Adding more whole foods to your diet makes the process of getting in shape less stressful, will provide you with more energy, aid digestion, and improve overall health and performance. Processed foods are designed to be highly palatable, therefore it is easier to over consume calories which makes reducing body fat a lot more difficult. Now should we restrict foods/food groups altogether? Of course not unless they cause us serious issues. Restricting usually leads to a binge and an overriding sense of guilt and over exercising, which is detrimental when it comes to your relationship with food and exercise. Moderation is key. Check out this recent STUDY done on whole foods vs processed foods.
  3. Walk more/up your NEAT – A simple increase in steps or movement may be enough for a beginner to elicit change, also it is less taxing on the body and will help you avoid burnout. If you are an avid gym goer, tracking daily movement is an easy way to increase activity no matter what your goal is.
  4. Make small changes – Be patient, develop good habits and learn to prioritise healthy habits before immediate results. Work on the building blocks that are going to make things easier long term and don’t overcomplicate things.
  5. Don’t over exercise – People tend to over exercise post-holiday season or after a heavy weekend which is usually associated with an overwhelming sense of guilt from all the partying and eating. Trying to do too much too soon isn’t sustainable and usually leads to burnout and disappointment. Start slow aim for 1-2 sessions a week and increase over time keep it realistic. Check our BLOG for more info on training effectively.
  6. Practice self-love – Have compassion for yourself, understand that it’s a process. Learn to exercise because you love your body not because you hate it, obviously there will be days where confidence is low we all have those days, but keep reminding yourself of the progress you have made and keep moving forward.

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