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OYB Abdominal Program

More than effective workout to help you shred that unwanted belly fat and have a more pronounced six pack. It is a simple addition that fits in well with your current routine.

OYB Fundamentals of Fat Loss Final

Some people make it look easy, for the majority fat loss can be adaunting prospect and when we lose it we gain it back with in a flash. This guide works on improving mindset to help reduce body fat and keep it off, plus boost your metabolism and help you create sustainable health without the yo yo effects of dieting

OYB Fundamentals of Intermittent Fasting

Provides you with the ins and outs of the hottest topic in Fitness today. This easily digestible guide (no pun intended) breaks down the health benefits, the do’s and don’ts and all the information you need to understand whether fasting is right for you as an individual.