Carter Good- Losing fat and staying lean

Carter Good has lost over 145 pounds and has since made it his life’s mission to help others achieve similar success. His mission is to help others eliminate their struggle with weight and experience all of the amazing benefits that living a healthier life can provide both physically and mentally. Carter has almost half a million followers on his Instagram alone due to the highly effective, informative content he puts out there. He is also a successful online coach and he specialises in helping people lose body fat and improve overall health.


• Carter’ story
• The main reason Carter decided he had to make a change and transform his life
• Carter’ personal experience with diet fad’s
• Carter’ view on the vegan diet and the game changers documentary
• The mindset required to get in shape both physically and mentally
• Carter’ top tips for losing body fat and keeping it off
• Why effective communication is so important as a fitness coach
• The importance of sleep quality when it comes to fat loss
• Why accountability is so important at the start of your fat loss journey
• Why patience is so important for fat loss
• Why it is so important to embrace and enjoy the process when it comes to getting in shape
• The difference between health and aesthetics
• Carter’ top tips for building a successful business

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