James Swanwick- Quitting alcohol, and how to sleep better

I had my followers on instagram vote for a specific topic to talk about and they choose sleep. I had James Swanwick on my show last April and he is a sleep expert. This particular episode is up there in my top 5 downloaded episodes, lot’s of great information regarding sleep and alcohol within this episode.

I am joined my James Swanwick who is an Australian American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, health coach, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, and host of the James Swanwick Show podcast. He’s the creator of blue light blocking glasses called Swannies from Swanwick Sleep, which help people reduce their blue light exposure and ultimately sleep better. James is also 9 years alcohol free, and ever since cutting out alcohol, his life has transformed for the better. James runs a 30 day no alcohol program, which has helped tens of thousands of people quit drinking, plus he runs a program called project 90 which helps business owners cut out alcohol for 90 days and beyond.


• Why James quit drinking and how being alcohol free has changed his life.
• Why alcohol is so detrimental for our mind and body.
• The challenges James has faced since becoming alcohol free.
• The amazing results that James has had from his 30 day no alcohol challenge.
• The science behind sleep and why it is so important.
• James’ top tips for improving sleep quality.
• The importance of preparing yourself for a good sleep.
• Blue light blocker glasses and how they help us preserve melatonin which is vital for a good sleep.
• James’ lifestyle and how he stays healthy.
• James’ daily gratitude practice to maintain a positive outlook on life.
• The importance of giving, and why human connection is so important.


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