Sal Di Stefano- Optimising your mind and body

Sal Di Stefano is a Co Host’ on one of the worlds leading health & fitness podcast’- Mind Pump Media. Sal has racked up over 20 years of experience within the fitness industry as a gym owner, gym manager & personal trainer. Mind Pump was the first ever podcast that I listened to over 3 years ago, they inspired me to start this podcast and have taught me most things I know about the science behind health & fitness. Sal’ knowledge is 2nd to none when it comes to training programming and everything else related to optimising your body. This is one of the most knowledge packed episodes to date, be sure to check it out.


• Losing body fat the right way instead of the fast way.
• Sal’ methods for helping people make long lasting lifestyle changes in order to build their best body.
• The importance of sleep quality and managing stress.
• The most effective way to build muscle.
• Sal’ experience with going through a divorce.
• The future of fitness and whether Sal thinks there will still be opportunities for Personal Trainers with the emergence of technology.
• Where Sal see’s Mind Pump in 10 years time and the biggest mistakes they have made.
• The importance of abstinence.
• The importance of having a tribe.
• Sal’ definition of success.

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