Vegainz coach- Vegan vs omnivore diet, the game changers movie debate and more

Better known as Vegainz Coach, Mike Case turned to a fully plant based diet around 6 years ago. Mike has been a strength coach for well over 10 years, first starting out in the UK, before training in NZ and now based in Melbourne, Australia. I eat an omnivorous diet so Vegainz and I have a huge debate on whether or not eating a vegan diet is optimal for overall health and performance. We also had different points of view on the recent “Game changers documentary”.


• Why Vegainz coach switched over to a plant based diet from an omnivorous diet
• Our opinion on plants vs meat for nutrient density
• Our viewpoint on whether or not meat is bad for your health
• Nutrient deficiencies to look out for on a vegan diet
• We have heated debate on the studies done on plants reversing heart disease
• We exchange ideas on the lifestyle factors leading to the obesity and chronic illness epidemic
• The game changers movie debate
• Nutrition in relation to erectile dysfunction
• Debate on heart disease and it’s link to meat consumption
• How Vegainz eats and his advice on how to eat a healthy plant based diet
• Cholesterol- is it good or bad?
• The pros and cons of fish consumption
• How to get omega 3 fatty acids from plant sources
• Mental health and the importance of human connection
• Mike’ insight on the impact of animal products on the environment
• The most effective way to lift weights for most people
• The importance of mobility for maximum results


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