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Reverse dieting and building metabolism

3 Of My Top Tips For Reverse Dieting And Building Your Metabolism 

What is reverse dieting? Currently I am in the process of reverse dieting because I competed 10 days ago, this process involves me slowly increasing my calories in an attempt to boost my metabolism whilst remaining lean and healthy throughout the duration. Reverse dieting is very common in the bodybuilding world but it is a lot easier said then done!


  1. Reverse dieting is not easy, in fact I would say it is harder than dieting down for a physique competition! Once I start eating, I find it hard to stop, it is easy for me to put away 1000-2000 cals in dark chocolate, almond butter and coconut yoghurt! However, I am still primarily eating  whole foods which makes me feel good and prevents me from overeating as frequently. I would recommend eating plenty of natural whole foods if your goal is to shift body fat, because these foods satiate you much more than processed foods, which goes without saying.
  2. Keep your NEAT high. Non exercise activity thermogenesis  is essentially just the calories that you are burning when you are not aware of it. For example when you are cleaning the house, washing your car, walking, taking the bins out, fidgeting etc, all movement burns calories. I always get great results with clients who invest in a wrist piece such as a Fitbit because it keeps us accountable by tracking our daily steps.
  3. Lift weights regular. Nothing will increase your BMR, basal metabolic rate more than building lean muscle tissue, 1 pound of lean muscle tissue will cost your body around 13-30 calories, so focus on building muscle by lifting weights properly and consistently in order to supercharge your metabolic rate.

Want to know more? Check out my podcast episode- Reverse dieting post competition, and how to build your metabolism.

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