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Staying healthy and lean over the festive season

With the festive season upon us, staying healthy and lean has never been more challenging! Check out my 5 tips to help you stay in shape over the festive period. 

  1. Mindful eating- There has never been a better time to practice mindful eating. Nothing is more important than giving your undivided attention to the people you care about at this time of year. So, when you’re eating with your family, rather than stuffing your food down quickly, try to make a conscience effort to chew your food properly, take in the flavours, and more importantly, engage in conversation with the people who matter to you.
  2. Keep moving- Keep your daily steps high. A great way to keep your activity levels high is to go for a walk after every meal or if there are any children within your family, get up and play with them once you have eaten. Going for a light walk after eating will aid digestion, boost energy levels, and of course burn calories. Going for a light walk after you have eaten is also another chance for you to build relationships with family members. Check out this article- Why you should get up and walk after dinner.
  3. Load up on meat and veggies- Let’s use Boxing Day as an example, you have over indulged on food and alcohol on Xmas Day and then on Boxing Day you most likely have lots of leftover junk food to eat. I would highly recommend having lots of veggies and some meat for your first meal of the day.  The protein from the meat will keep you satiated and the fibre in the veggies will also help you stay fuller for longer (not to mention you will be nourishing your body). This is not to say that you will not eat any processed foods and drink alcohol later in the day, but breaking your fast with sugar will most likely cause you to consume more calories, and feel more sluggish.
  4. Drink plenty of water- This one is obvious, but make an extra effort to consume plenty of water upon waking and in between meals. Aim to drink at least 2-4 litres of water each day throughout the festive season.
  5. Do some resistance training- If you were thinking of still training at the gym over this period, then now is the perfect time to start your free 4 week training plan (go to page 9 of fat loss fundamentals guide).  Even if you do 2 of these full body workouts per week with at least one day off in between sessions, you will still be a in a prime state to build muscle after all of the excess calories. Another option is to do 1-2 of these 8 minute, resistance band “pump up” sessions most days, this will build muscle, burn calories and boost energy levels.

Want to know more? Check out my latest podcast episode- Staying healthy and lean over the festive season

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