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Turning your hardship into happiness

I recently interviewed Jamie Alderton on my podcast and we talked about mindset in relation to building your body, mind and business. Jamie hit the pinnacle of his career in Dec 2016 – he had a top selling book on Amazon and his podcast reached number 1 on itunes.  What was to follow was Jamie having a meltdown. Jamie split up with his wife, moved out of the family home, and began to drink 1-2 bottles of wine every night. Thankfully, Jamie managed to overcome this depression and he has now written another book,”Meltdown” which he released recently. Interviewing Jamie made me think about the habits that I need to work on in order to help me keep my body, mind and business in check.

3 things that help me keep my body, mind and business in check.

  1. Having a solid morning and night routine- Towards the end of last year I became slack on my morning and night routine. This year I have been much more diligent when it comes to getting up early. When I wake up earlier, this gives me 40 uninterrupted minutes to myself which sets me up for the day. Within this 40 minutes I have a 1 minute cold shower, drink my warm water and fresh lemon, do 5-10 minutes of stretching, journal for 3 minutes, do 2 minutes of gratitude and read 1 page of the daily stoic book. Instead of waking up and checking social media and emails straight away, aim to get up earlier and put yourself into a calm state instead of a reactive state. When it comes to your evening routine, this is even more important. Every evening, I aim to come off social media by 8pm, I put my blue light blockers on by 7pm to help with my sleep quality, I then read a book before crashing out by 10pm to wake up for around 5am. When I do stick to these routines, my body, brain and business improve and I just feel so much better within myself. Check out this ARTICLE on blue light and sleep.
  2. Cold water therapy- I have been taking cold showers for almost 3 years now. I am fortunate enough to live right next to Coogee Beach in Sydney, which means I can plunge into the ocean whenever I like. Since having daily cold showers,  my immune system has boosted drastically, my overall energy has improved, my mind is more resilient, also my sleep quality is generally better when I have a cold shower before bed. As Jamie says in this recent podcast- “No one wants to have a cold shower”. In other words, doing something you don’t want to do everyday can transfer over into other areas of your life, this has certainly been the case for Jamie and also for myself. Check this ARTICLE on cold therapy by the iceman himself- Wim Hof
  3. Spending less time in the gym- Since competing last October in a bodybuilding comp for the 9th and most likely last time, I have made it my mission to get maximum results in the gym with minimal effort. It is certainly worth mentioning that my clients always get much better, sustainable results when I use the “less is more” approach. On the other hand, if you are someone who consistently goes to the gym 5-6 times every week without fail and enjoy doing so, then keep doing it but you are in the minority of people. Having coached so many people as a Personal Trainer and online coach over the past 15 years, focusing on lifting weights with perfect technique and training the full body 2/3 times per week will get you the best results providing you are following a proper training program, and you are consistent. Currently I do 3 full body sessions per week and on the days in between I do 5-10 mins of stretching and a 10 minute resistance band “pump up” session. You can do up to 3 of these low intensity band sessions on the days in between. This will help you build more muscle, recover faster in between workouts and also free up your time outside of the gym. For most people, in terms of long term results and staying in great shape all year round, committing to 2-3 purposeful gym sessions per week is something you can sustain for the rest of your life, keeping up your daily steps and staying active on the days in between will help you optimise your body. As a result of spending less time in the gym, this frees up time to build my online business, spend more time with the people that matter to me and spend more time outdoors with nature. Not to mention, I am in great shape because my workouts are more structured and the band sessions keep me on point.  The same goes for most of the clients that I coach. Check out this ARTICLE from Mind pump which indicates full body training is the most effective way to train.

Want to know more? Check out my recent podcast episode with Jamie Alderton- Turning your hardship into happiness.

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